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    [How to] make a mosquito bite not itch


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    [How to] make a mosquito bite not itch

    Post by ARIELLE(: on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:00 am

    [How To] Make a Mosquito Bite Not Itch!
    Do you have a mosquito bite that itches a lot? Are you in need of a cure? Then you've came to the right place! In this guide,I will tell you everything on how to get rid of an itchy mosquito bite! With lots of different ways that all work!


    •Get a paper towel,and an ice cube
    •Wrap the paper towel around the ice cube
    •Rub the ice cub/towel over the mosquito bite
    •Rub until numb
    •Once it is numb,dry it off
    •Now leave the mosquito bite,don't even touch/itch it!

    •Get some laundry detergent (Most will work)
    •Put some on your mosquito bite
    •Leave it on for an hour
    •After an hour has passed,wash it off
    •Now don't touch it at all/itch it

    •Get a bottle of toothpaste
    •Make sure that there is NO Gelatin/Gel included in the toothpaste
    •Take a TINY amount of toothpaste and dab it on your bite
    •Make sure it covers over the bite fully
    •Keep it on for 2 hours
    •After time has passed,wash it off
    •Now do not itch it!

    •Take some liquid Benadryl
    •Put some over the bite
    •Leave on for about 1-2 hours
    •Wash off
    •No itching/touching after

    •Get some vinegar
    •Dab it on
    •Leave for 1 hour
    •After the hour,wash off
    •Do not itch

    •Take some itching cream and put it over the bite
    •Now get a band-aid over it
    •Leave on for as long as you want
    •Now don't touch it

    •Lick your finger
    •Dab it on the bite
    •Now wait till it drys
    •No touching

    •Take some soap
    •Put it on the mosquito bite
    •Leave on for 30min-1hr
    •Wash it off
    •Do not touch

    •Take an "After-Bite" stick or anything like that
    •Take the cap off,and rub it to the bite
    •Now do not touch it

    •Get a bottle of nail polish (I would prefer clear)
    •Now apply it over/on the bite
    •Wait for it to try up,then wash it off
    •It should now be dried up
    •No touching!

    •Take some shampoo (any will work)
    •Put some over your bite
    •Wait for it to dry (Might take a while)
    •Once its dried wipe/wash it off
    •No touching!

    •Dig your finger into the bite
    •Make sure you do it just right (Not too hard,not too light)
    •Now do not touch it!


    Those are some of the possibilities you could use. If you have any more you would like me to add,or anything else,feel free to let me know! Hope that they will work! If one of them dosn't work,please let me know. Thanks!
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